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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Vintage Door Headboard

 Vintage Door Headboard & Foot board and Barnwood Bench

This Queen bed frame is part of the Barn wood Armoire & Nightstands that follow this post. My client reclaimed these doors (along with the lumber used to make the foot board bench) from her grandmothers old home in Utah and requested a tall, rustic bed frame (with rails). This is a bed you literally have to jump into as the top of the mattress is 39" off the floor. Both doors had to be re-worked and downsized to accommodate the rails (true 1" x 12" barn wood). They are both topped with true 2" x 6" pieces of reclaimed lumber that reveal distressed, saw blade kerf marks. 
(I like this look so much that I will now be renovating my current vintage door head and footboard)!


  1. Bill is not just a furniture builder... he is an artist and his work is amazing. Very high quality and unique. I could not love this furniture more. Its fantastic! Priceless. Amy (happy customer) :)

  2. This is incredible.

  3. Thank you for the inspiration! I made this bed from your picture out of two old doors I found that had been sitting in a field near my home for years! I love it. Wish I could attach a picture.

  4. Anonymous....I'm very flattered and happy for you! It's a wonderful feeling when you can take something "old" and make something new. I would love to see the pictures of your piece so feel free to email me at:

  5. Without the downsizing do you think this would work for a king size bed? I have two old doors that I am wanting to do this to for a king bed.

    1. Hi Whitley,
      Yes, it's actually easier to make a king size. Measure your box-spring and/or mattress then you can trim any "overhang" off the bottom of the door since the bottom is typically the larger piece (compared to the top). You should end up with a width between 76'-78" total door length. Before cutting the door, layout your rail brackets making sure they don't end up in the molding of a panel. (This is the issue with a queen and the reason for alteration besides the long overhang). Of course if the overhang doesn't bother your taste then leave the door as is. You may need to consider how the nightstands will look and fit though. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions and send pics!