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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rustic Tailgate Headboard

This is not your typical tailgate or headboard for that matter. It is, by far, the most original headboard that I have created (reclaimed & re-purposed) and the most unique headboard I have ever seen. Originally, this rustic, tailgate headboard sat on the back of a feed truck. It was home made and has a working slide (as seen in the first picture) that was raised and lowered by the handle to release the feed. The original plate (upper left plate) was last registered in 1982, the same year the gate was retired. Weighing well over 200 lbs, this the tailgate is held together with 2 x 6's, 3" x 3/4" tongue & groove, heavy duty iron and too many 3/8" nuts and bolts to count.
The proud, new owner liked the idea of adding reclaimed license plates so I got him started with a few that I have collected over the years, including a 1950 Idaho trailer plate. He also requested nightstands to match the look of the gate which I made out of reclaimed, true 2 x 4's and 3/4" x 7" half lap. Although the tailgate appears to be resting on the nightstands it is supported by 2 x 6 legs hidden from sight.
I'm sure that the original builder was overjoyed with his/her quality creation and received many years of use out of it. Breathing new life into this old, wood relic, giving it new life, a new purpose and a new home, well lets just say I know how he/she must have felt! ...And for the new owner, how cool is it to say "I am the only person in the whole world with a headboard like this"!
(More pictures will follow soon as I am building a bench foot board to finish off the set).

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