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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spice Racks

The rustic beauty of the three R's...Reclaiming, Reusing and Re-purposing. 
I have a huge pantry...sometimes too big and smaller items (like spices) tend to get lost just about the time I need them. By mounting these vintage, wooden, glass bottle crates to a post in my kitchen, I now have all of my most commonly used spices within an arms reach. They are also a lot more attractive than that ugly, manufactured, spinning, spice rack that clutters up counter space. (I use to have one too so no offense to those of you lifting your eyes from the computer screen to take a look at yours). I did have to add shelves to the Pepsi crate but that was easy enough with some scrap pieces of barn wood that matched perfectly. I also clear coated the 7up crate with a water based polyurethane to keep the paint from chipping. Hope you enjoy and best of luck hunting down your own crates!

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